Many teens may be dealing with an untimely pregnancy or struggling with other life controlling issues. Mothers Helping Mothers offers compassionate care to those with no where to turn.  Our programs are overseen by caring staff with experience in case management, counseling, personal finance, public relations, social work, and legal matters.

Structured Support

We provide a highly structured support program.  We work with individuals who are serious about their future and committed to their personal recovery.



We offer training and education in childbirth, labor and delivery, parenting skills, as well as academics and technical skills.

Other Services

Housing Referrals
Childcare Resources
Personal Development and Goal Setting
Health and Nutrition Classes
Peer Mentors

Program Guidelines

A few important details on requirements to participate in program.

We take in teenage mothers,  assess their needs, and send them out with hope.  We are highly structured program that helps  individuals who are serious about their future and personal recovery.

Some of the mothers we work with have only the clothes on their backs.  We take them in,  assess their needs, and send them out with hope.

Free Store


Store hours:  By appointment only


Store hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays  11am - 3pm

The Free Store provides clothing and other essential items that our mothers use daily for their child.  Most of the items are donated from members of the community.  Good Samaritans gather diapers, wipes, formula,  bottles and other items for our Store from amongst their social circles and donate them to our cause.